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Why Couples Coaching?

Have you ever heard someone say, “For your marriage to survive, you need to …”?  But if surviving in marriage is the goal, no thanks, we’ll pass.  Tami and I did not get married because it was the right thing to do, or because it gave us some sort of practical advantage.  Tami and I joined our lives together knowing that our best life would be spent side by side.  Life apart felt like surviving.  Life together feels like thriving. 

Hopefully most couples start off their marriage with a similar vision.  But the reality is, a thriving marriage is tougher to achieve than you would think.  In over 26 years of marriage, we have experienced the vast array of highs and lows that married life has to offer.  Yet through it all, through the continued choosing of “Us” over “Me”, and plenty of help from others when we’ve needed it, our marriage has grown beyond what we could’ve envisioned at the beginning. 

As a result, a passion has ignited within us to help others in any way we can to truly thrive in what we believe is the greatest God-given human to human relationship that we can experience on earth.  And the best news is, thriving happens along the way.  No matter where you are at in your marriage, if you have hit a rough patch or feel like things are falling apart, if it is anything less than what you envisioned, we would love to meet with you, hear your story, and impart some hope.

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