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Our Past Moments

Known. Retreats 

We do retreats a little different. Okay, We know you like quality content, but we also know you need space to breathe, relax and play. We invite you to join us along our Known Journey. It would be our honor to walk the same path for a few moments. The memories made will last a lifetime. 


January of 2020 was a successful launch as we gathered some powerful ladies together to share some meals and the deeper pieces of our hearts. Many were inspired by the time we spent together and look back on this weekend and the prayer time as a  launching point, ushering them into their next season.

Everyone left refreshed and encouraged along their Known Journey.

Simply beautiful.


Honoring those that have come before us and blessing those that will follow behind us.

There is something that happened this weekend that there are no words for.

Just a tangible knowing that God was with us.

He was so very near and His presence felt by all.

 So grateful for these moments that helped us pause to remember all the good that was, leave behind the bad and embrace what will be.

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