Embrace. Discover. Celebrate.

Welcome to Known.

So many of us find that word mysterious and out of reach. What does it really mean? Is it attainable? Join us as we explore what it looks like to be Known. Through retreats, teaching and simply gathering together we unpack what it means to be Known. We invite you to journey with us as we explore the power of being Known. 


The Journey.

Do you at times feel misunderstood? Your true intentions misinterpreted? 

Do you wonder what your place or purpose in this world really is?

Do you often feel you lack deep connection with God and others?

Yup, we have too.

We are a tribe of ladies on a journey of becoming Known. 

Along the way we have found some keys.  These keys unlock some rich truths that cause us to not just survive but to THRIVE.

Through understanding what it means to EMBRACE our identity, DISCOVER our uniqueness and CELEBRATE one another we are able to live a whole-hearted life.

We are passionate to walk by your side and help you understand and apply these concepts in your life also. 

Join us as we together continue on our journey of becoming Known.



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