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We are Known.

We Embrace.

Identity. Intimacy. We understand that God created us, sees us and is for us. He is good and His intentions towards us are good. We allow God to EMBRACE us, fully and totally. Not cleaned up. In our mess. We are EMBRACED. Fully. In HIS LOVING EMBRACE we surrender our will and our way and WE EMBRACE that His way is higher and bursting with LIFE, surprising HOPE and crazy JOY.

We Discover.

Value. Worth. Uniqueness. As we come ALIVE in His presence we are invited to understand our own hearts, personalities, emotions, desires. We discover us through Him. It’s a beautiful journey full of promise and laughter and found treasures. We are invited to show up. We are told we matter. We are given a voice. We are given permission. We are aware of our impact on this world and we are thankful for what we carry. We learn to be gentle with ourselves, to speak kindly to us. We learn to love ourselves.

We Celebrate.

Connection. Community. As we grow in understanding how loved and valuable we are, we begin to bring our wholeness to other relationships. We begin to impact hearts by our deep value for each person. We don’t see people as broken, just covered up and waiting to be unveiled. We live life knowing God is for and with us, and them. We speak words of LIFE and mean them. We rejoice when others rejoice and we carry compassion towards others pain as well as our own. We thrive in community. We understand some people are meant to run with us for life, and others for moments. We are free. We love with abandon and give with wild generosity.

"Your understanding of me brings me wonder and strength." Psalm 139:6

We are KNOWN.

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