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Embrace. Discover. Celebrate.

We invite you to join us as we embrace what God says about us, and walk fully in that identity.

Together we discover how we each are uniquely made.

We celebrate healthy community and life-giving relationships.

We lead retreats, workshops and small-groups.

Join us on our Known. Journey! 

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The Journey.

How do we live wholehearted lives? How do we learn to love God, ourselves and others fully? 

So much of my life I have been taught lies.

I have been told lies such as, "Self-sacrifice is the way we love God."

Instead of, "Walking in our God-given identity is how we are empowered to live an others-centered life." This is very different than self-sacrifice. God never called us to sacrifice ourselves but actually to love ourselves so that we can love others well.

Breathe deep of that freedom.

The second lie I've been told is, "Focus only on God, don't think about yourself- that's prideful & self-centered"

Or on the other end of the spectrum, "It's all about you, you have the power alone to do anything."

Both of these statement carry an element of truth but not the full story.

And the third lie I was told was, "You don't really need people, Jesus is all you need."

Nope. We need each other.


When you take all 3 components of what it means to be KNOWN you discover a beautiful balance full of freedom and you begin to live life fully alive! 

Together we learn what it means to EMBRACE our identity, DISCOVER our uniqueness and CELEBRATE one another in healthy community. 

Join us as we together continue on our journey of becoming Known.

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